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Testing Requirements

9th Gup: Giecho 1 Name of Style One Steps (middle punch side kick front kick) Kicks (front kick, side kick, round kick, reverse kick) Self-Defense (hair grab, lapel grab) Sparring (basic no contact)

8th Gup: Giecho 2 Giecho 1A Hwang Kee Instructor’s Names One Steps (double soo do, double, punch, round kick) Kick (jump fronts) Self-Defense (single, double, straight and cross wrist grabs) Controlled Sparring (basic combinations of three techniques back and forth)

7th Gup: Giecho 3 One Steps (back fist, elbow to ribs, reverse kick) Kick (skip side) Self-Defense (head lock, two hands one wrist grab) Free Sparring

6th Gup: Pyung Ahn I Count to ten in Korean Written goals and why karate is important personally One Steps (set two [same as adult]) New Kicks (hook, jump side) Self-Defense (front, back, over arms, under arms bear hug) Free Sparring

5th Gup: Pyung Ahn 2 Know terms in Korea Proficient in all basic actions Block Counters (from overhead strike, punch, front and side kick) Self-Defense (front and rear chokes; counter with windmill break and jugular push) Free Sparring Breaking 1” of wood with a kick

4th Gup: Pyung Ahn 3 All One Steps from both sides Combination Basic Actions Crescent Kicks Self-Defense (rear arm bar choke and with hand held) Free Sparring

3rd Gup: Pyung Ahn 4 One Steps (combination, kicks and take downs of student’s choice) Spin Hook Kick Self-Defense (knife and club, four directions of attach) Breaking 1” with hands and feet Free Sparring

2nd Gup: Pyung Ahn 5 Must Assist in Teaching One Steps (student’s choice using two attackers) New Kick (spin crescent) Self-Defense (against multiple attackers, two and three) Weapons Form (any of bow, sai, knun chucks or tongfa) Free Sparring

1st Gup: Bassai Kicks (ax kick, jumping, round, reverse, spin hook) ¾ speed kick drill Free Sparring (two on one)

Black Belt 1st Dan (minimum of three months from last test):
Nai Ahn Chi 1 Written Test Know the Manual New Kick (inside twisting kick) Fighting from the Floor Breaking 2” and a two way combination Pre-Dan (see Sensei) Public Testing 40 Hours Teaching Time Proper Attitude Exhibited Attendance Hours Met

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